onsdag 25. august 2010

No legs, no arms, no worries?

In English class today, we saw a short movie called "The butterfly circus". It is a beautiful story about a man called Will, who was born with no limbs. The movie shows how he manages to go from being in a state of mind where everything is hopeless, to hoping for a better life witch he in the end accomplishes.

The film takes place in America during the great depression. In the beginning, we meet Will, the man with no limbs, and a very small amount of hope. But this changes when one day he meets a circus director who gives him hope for his future. Through the movie, we do not only follow the men, women, and their progress, but also a caterpillar. I think that this little ant, symbolizes the change Will goes through. He is a beautiful butterfly, captured in a caterpillar’s body, waiting for his time to shine.

Nick Vujicic, who play will, was born with no limbs.

I loved this movie, everything about it; the setting, the plot, and of course the moral of not giving up the hope. I would defiantly recommend this short film!

The pictures are taken from: here, and here.

søndag 22. august 2010

This is me


My name is Tuva, and this is my very first English blog. I am a student at "Sandvika VGS" in Norway. In English class we were given an assignment, it said: "make your own blog". So this is it. I will try to update it regularly, but it will mostly consist of tasks given to us at school.

I recently started my second year at high school. In Norway it is optional to continue teaching English further than first grade. What I said earlier in this post probably states what I chose. I decided to keep learning English in the class called "International English" both because I love the language and really want to improve, and because I am planning to go to the USA to study when I get older. Therefore I can say that I have high expectations to the upcoming year with International English.

Besides that, I can tell you that I love music and I play some guitar. I am working on getting my drivers license on a motorcycle, so that is taking most of my spear time at the moment.

My favourite thing to eat is strawberries, and I could not live without my Ipod.

Currently, my worst habit is talking too loudly in public, and that I always bounce my knee when sitting and being very time poor!

I am really looking forward to enhance my English this year, and to get to know all my new classmates!

Have a nice day!