søndag 22. august 2010

This is me


My name is Tuva, and this is my very first English blog. I am a student at "Sandvika VGS" in Norway. In English class we were given an assignment, it said: "make your own blog". So this is it. I will try to update it regularly, but it will mostly consist of tasks given to us at school.

I recently started my second year at high school. In Norway it is optional to continue teaching English further than first grade. What I said earlier in this post probably states what I chose. I decided to keep learning English in the class called "International English" both because I love the language and really want to improve, and because I am planning to go to the USA to study when I get older. Therefore I can say that I have high expectations to the upcoming year with International English.

Besides that, I can tell you that I love music and I play some guitar. I am working on getting my drivers license on a motorcycle, so that is taking most of my spear time at the moment.

My favourite thing to eat is strawberries, and I could not live without my Ipod.

Currently, my worst habit is talking too loudly in public, and that I always bounce my knee when sitting and being very time poor!

I am really looking forward to enhance my English this year, and to get to know all my new classmates!

Have a nice day!


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  1. Hi my name is Christopher and I'm a senior at Alburnett High School in Iowa, United States. I couldn't live without my ipod either, but sadly mine was stolen. I'm loud all the time. I don't have a quiet voice and I'm always making jokes.

    Have a fantastic day!


  2. Hello Tuva!

    I am a high school student from Iowa in the United States. My name is Kylee. I am a senior at ALburnett High School. Our school starts at 8:30 and ends at 3:23. I don't get home until about 6:15 at night because I have sport practices after school. I play volleyball, basketball, track, and softball. I go to a very small school with approximately 350 students attending from kindegarden to 12th grade.

  3. Hi Tuva!

    My name is Briann and I am a girl high school student from Alburnett High School in Alburnett Iowa. I am a senior this year, and this will be my last year of high school. I am very active in sports such as basketball, volleyball, and track. I enjoy talking on texting on my cell phone to friends, and spending time with them.

    My school day at Alburnett starts at 8:30a.m. and ends at 3:23p.m. Monday through Friday. Everyday on average I have 8 classes a day. They are all only 45 minutes long. As my foreign language our school only offers Spanish and I am a fourth year in that. I have sports practice almost every day after school until 6:00. Then I return home to eat supper and finish any uncompleted homework.

    I have my license to drive my car. I got my permit (to drive with a parent) when I was 14, and recieved my full license when I was 16. I am currently 17, and will be 18 in December.


  4. Being an American student, i think it is wonderful you are continuing your English education. I am a sophomore at Alburnett High School. I love music, and if from iPod disappeared i would die. Strawberries are also one of the many friuls I love

  5. Hey, my name is Haley and im a sophomore at alburnett high school. I aswell could not live with out my Ipod. Me and my friends will start dancing at the most random times :)

  6. Hello Tuva,

    My names Jessica! I attend Alburnett high school in Alburnett, Iowa. I am a seinor here, i just moved here from Davenport, Iowa. It was tough coming here and leaving all my friends there at West high in Davenport, but i just got tired of all the drama and gang activity. I moved here because my mother's job. I move so much you can say i have pretty much became an army brat! I dont see me living here in Alburnett very much longer. I probably wont make it to the middle of the school year, before i move again! It sucks but i think i kinda like it. I have my license to drive a car, i too will be getting my motorcycles license. Two years ago i got my drivers license takin away from me, for street racing. It was dumb! So yeah thats pretty much my life day in and day out! :)

  7. Hello Tuva!
    My name is Amber, and I'm 15 years-old. I could not live without my iPod either! I love listening to music, dancing, and singing. I think it is really cool that you drive a motorcycle :) It is also great that you want to continue to study in the USA. I would love to learn more about your culture as well. Some things to know about me are, I speak terribly loud in public, and I am an athlete :) My favorie sport to play is softball. What's your favorite subject?

  8. Hey i am Grant I am from alburnett and i am a sophomore at alburnett i also am going to get a motorcylce. What would you like to study when you come to America? I love sports. What do you do in your spare time?

  9. @baseball7265: Hey Christopher! i'm sorry about your iPod! Good to hear that it is more of us.
    @Kylee: Oh 6:15 is quite late, but volleyball, basket, track, and softball sound very fun too! Our school has about 850 students, and here in Norway, that is quite many!
    @Briann: Good luck with you last year at high school! Here in Norway, we have to wait until we're 18, to get our drivers license for a car, so you are very lucky!
    @Danica: Thank you for that Danica!
    @haley: That sounds very fun!
    @Jessica: It's good that you like to move, at least a little, considering you do it a lot! Good luck on getting your motorcycle license!
    @Amber: Thank you Amber! It is great that you want to learn about Norwegian culture! My favourite subject must be English or Biology :)
    @gd95hende: It is so cool that you are getting a motorcycle! Honestly, I am not a hundren percent sure of what I want to study when I come to America, but I'm concidering to study the language. In my spear time, i love to hang out with my friends, and music is definatly something I use a lot of my time on.

  10. Hey Tuva,

    I set up my very own blog, dont think i did a very good job but all well!! You should check it out, heres the URL!!



  11. Tuva is a very positive girl, and it is nice to have you in class :)