fredag 10. juni 2011

International English

This year in international English we have learned a lot. Some of the topics we have looked into are global challenges and the media world. This has been very interesting and instructive. Among other things, we have watched movies and read books. The kite runner is one example. In this book we meet themes like relationships, war, betrayal and forgiveness. This is a very emotional book, and we have gotten a lot of impressions and thoughts around these themes. All of the films that we have seen fit the requirements of the curriculum goals, especially global challenges.

Through the whole year, each of us wrote one personal blog in English. Here, we wrote our own thoughts around what we had done in class, and other things about international English. We also had conversations with students in other countries via skype. This was very fun and interesting!

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  1. Thank you Tuva, Susanna and Rikke. Glad you like this year. I think you sum up our worked nicely. Reading your blogs has certainly been one of the most interesting parts of the year for me. As you say you wrote your thoughts about what we had done in class and that helped me with the planning of the activities we did later. Skype and conversations with other students was fun too, I agree!