fredag 1. oktober 2010

Advice to fellow students!

I read an article about statistics on the usage of Facebook compared to the results of the final exam. The consequences of using Facebook while working shows quite obvious in the surveys. It is consistently a larger amount of low grades among the students who used Facebook and other social networks than those who did not. That means that there is a connection between bad results and the usage of social networks. But still I feel that there are some holes in the statistics. In the article it said that the “participants” was in the age of 19-54, and then I thought: isn’t there a large difference between 19 year olds and 54 year olds? Well, at least I think so, and there is probably not as many 54 year olds as there are 19 year olds on Facebook.

All in all I still believe that most of what the article said was true. Facebook is a giant disturbance when it comes to concentrating -I have experienced than myself. I think everyone should use some time to work on their restraint, and become better on stay away from sites like facebook when doing homework!


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  1. I think you are right about your final conclusions. I also think you were clever to comment the age difference in the students. Still it is true that if we get distracted many times we don't get much done.