onsdag 13. oktober 2010

The kite runner – beginning

(This post is written 30.09.2010)
About two weeks ago, I started reading a book called “The Kite Runner”, by Khaled Hosseini. After one week I had read about 50 pages, and the fact that I was not captured, and thrown into the story’s troubled world caught my attention. After reading dozens of laudatory reviews, I was expecting a greater fascination than what occurred to be my reality. But still, there was something about it that grabbed my mind and stirred it around. I experienced putting the book away, and then later thate day, I actually thought of the way I acted compared to how Amir, the rich Afghan boy in the book, would have done it. It was more similarity between my acts and Amirs, than between Amir and his underprivileged servants son Hassan. That shocked me. Due to my small amount of spare time between homework and school, I did not get to read more until three days later. At that time I had actually started to feel a hunger to know the story, Amir’s story. So I sat down to continue. And as the pages turned, so did my first impression. Now I have started reading chapter fourteen and I am both caught and bound. It is something about the relationship between Amir, and Hassan that amazes and shocks me at the same time. How can something that appears to be that strong and deep, be perceived that differently? How can Amir not call Hassan his friend? Still, it is Hassan’s commitment and love that strikes me as the strangest. Why does he continue to idolize and value Amir that much, when Amir is not acting like the friend he is supposed to be? I hope to get some answers to my questions further in the book, and I am very excited to see how the story develops!

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- Tuva

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  1. Great start, fun to read how you change your mind. It is a powerful story.